PlayStation 4 to require PlayStation Plus for multiplayer games

One of the things that many gamers preferred about the PlayStation 3 compared to the Xbox 360 from Microsoft is that they didn't have to pay a monthly fee play multiplayer games with the PlayStation 3 console. On the Xbox 360, there is a monthly fee to access online play. It looks like Sony plans to mimic Microsoft's business plan with a report indicating that Sony will charge a monthly fee for multiplayer games on the PlayStation 4.

Sony said back in May of 2013 that the PlayStation 4 would be more profitable than the PlayStation 3. Charging players to access multiplayer games will certainly increase profitability for Sony. Reports indicate that Sony will charge $9.99 monthly in the US and 6.99 euros in Europe.

Pricing will be a bit better in Japan where Sony will charge 500 yen, working out to about $5 per month. Gamers will also be able to purchase a yearly membership giving 12 months of access for $49.99. The yearly subscription allows gamers to sign up for less than five dollars per month.

There will be features that gamers get other than the ability to play multiplayer games with their subscription. The subscription will also reportedly include social functions, like the ability to chat with other players.

SOURCE: Reuters