PlayStation 3 12GB edition hits USA Sony store for those who can’t wait

Chris Burns - Aug 19, 2013, 9:44am CDT
PlayStation 3 12GB edition hits USA Sony store for those who can’t wait

It’s high time a gamer decides to jump in on the console gaming universe this season as both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 see a re-invigoration of interest now that the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are about to arrive. One fine example of this is in the 12GB PlayStation 3 – a newly tiny amount of storage space on the device for those that simply have no use for the other end of the spectrum: the massive 500GB edition. This smallest PlayStation 3 of the pack rings in at an easy $200 USD.

At this price the PlayStation 3 12GB is a cool $70 USD cheaper than the biggest edition, this smallest member is now available in Europe, Hong Kong, and the United States alike. Originally having only been slated for the first two locations, it would appear that Sony is more than willing to bring new users into the fold, no matter which generation console they ride in with.

UPDATE: There’s also the occasional appearance of this 12GB edition in Canada, it would appear, via Engadget, this device is up in Future Shop and Walmart up above the border.

It’s appearing that the PlayStation 3 will be working with more games than originally slated, one should mind, now that the PlayStation 4 will be coming out closer to the holiday season 2013 than expected earlier this year. Titles like Grand Theft Auto V and the first Mad Max game have both been tipped to be coming to PS3 before they land on PS4 in advanced iterations.

But remember! Beware of the 8GB install size on Grand Theft Auto V if you’re planning to roll with it on the 12GB version of the PS3, mind you. There’s nothing like taking up the bulk of your storage space with a single game! Also note that the 16GB edition of the PlayStation 3 is also part of the PlayStation 3 Slim family – it’s tiny!

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