Plantronics Discovery 925 Bluetooth Headset reviewed

James Allan Brady - Apr 4, 2008

So while Vincent was at CTIA he managed to pick up one Plantronics’ latest headsets, the fashionable Discovery 925 that we wrote about earlier this week. Not only did we get his review of the product, some more shots, and even a video review, but we got some more info too.

First off, the 5 hour battery life isn’t quite accurate; V said he got almost 4 hours from the thing. Second, the VFrame boom design is a wind noise hazard, but it apparently wasn’t that bad as he didn’t knock it much. Also, fitting the 925 was apparently a task of its own since it didn’t have an ear hook, but instead opted for the in-ear design that worked in a weird way with those odd looking gel ear insert things.

However, there are only two buttons on the device which should make it incredibly easy to use. There is the volume button that cycles through three different volumes and then the other button that is used for power, to put the device into pairing mode, and to accept, reject, or end calls. My personal favorite part of this Bluetooth headset is that it apparently only blinks when you are doing something with it to make it blink, it doesn’t just randomly blink every few seconds just because it’s on like every other headset I’ve ever had, which is nice. The only other downside is that it costs $149.99, which is more than the Jawbone, and more than the BlueAnt Z9 which Vincent still contends is the best Bluetooth headset in existence.

[via PhoneMag]

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