Pixel 6 Pro might finally support faster charging speeds

Despite all the fuss over fast-charging technologies sprouting left and right in the mobile world, the biggest names in that market seem to be laid back, almost unconcerned about how slow their flagships phones are in that arena. Samsung has been flip-flopping between 45W and 25W, the new iPhone 13 still maxes out at 20W, and Google's Pixel phones haven't gotten past 18W since their incarnation. It seems, however, that the tides of change have finally caught up with the Pixel 6 Pro, but probably still not in a gigantic wave.

Faster charging technologies are the industry's attempts to compensate for lack of innovation in batteries themselves. We're still pretty much using the same volatile chemicals since the very first mobile phones, just safeguarded with better circuits and smarter software. Fast-charging tech simply tries to push more power into those batteries in the safest way possible.

Of course, there are also some disadvantages to pushing that much power in such a short time, which usually shortens the lifespan of the battery. That may be why manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, and Google have tried to stay off the trend. And when they do, they don't dive headfirst.

XDA has gotten hold of information that confirms Google's plans to upgrade the Pixel 6 Pro's charging capabilities. From the rather meager 18W, Taiwan's NCC certification notes that the Pixel 6 Pro will support 11V/3A charging, meaning 33W. It's still not the "standard" 65W in many smartphones these days, but it's still an important step forward, especially for Google.

However, that doesn't mean Google will ship the Pixel 6 Pro with a 33W charger, presuming it ships a charger at all. It will most likely still require a separate purchase of a certified Pixel charger or at least a USB PD compliant accessory.