Pioneer Unveils S-DJ05 Active Reference Speakers

Pioneer has just unleashed a new pair of active reference speakers for its Pioneer DJ lineup called the S-DJ05. The compact speakers produce excellent sound quality with a larger than normal listening area thanks to its curved waveguide enclosure. The speakers are suitable for both everyday and professional use, such as for those wanting to DJ or produce music.

The S-DJ05 features 5-inch woofers and a curved waveguide enclosure that directs sound from the soft-dome tweeters in a wider pattern for enhanced imaging and staging. This means that more people across a larger area can hear the higher frequencies, while the Bass Reflex enclosure expands the lower frequency range as well

It also has a built-in linear equalizer that allows for fine-tuning of the frequency and a four-source (XLR, TRS, and two sets of RCA) input switcher that lets users simultaneously connect various devices, such as DJ equipment, computer, or other portable device. The speaker retails as a pair and costs


 $899. For more details, visit the Pioneer DJ product page.