Ping Pong Door – Great for small places

Chris Scott Barr - Oct 26, 2007

When you live in a small house or apartment, you learn to get creative with the space you have. Naturally larger items such as ping pong tables just aren’t going to find their way into your place. That is unless you’re really creative about it.

The Ping Pong Door is an awesome creation that allow you to have a ping pong table without wasting all of the space of keeping a regular table around. It functions as a regular door until you flip down the table and attach the plastic net. Then you’re ready to take on your friends in beer ping pong.

This isn’t one of those great concept designs that will never see the light of day. Look for it sometime next year for an undisclosed price.

Ping Pong From A Doorway
[via yankodesign]

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