Physicist builds Large Hadron Collider out of Lego

I have seen plenty of photos of the Large Hadron Collider or LHC over the years and it is a very impressive piece of machinery. Apparently, a physicist named Sascha Mehlhase had some time not spent doing actual work to recreate the LHC using Lego bricks. It's a very accurate representation as well.

Mehlhase works at the Niels Bohr Institute. The LHC model built uses 9,500 Lego parts and cost the builder about 200 euros. The construction process was done on the weekends and is a 1:50 scale recreation. I wonder where the Lego Higgs boson particles are.

The build took about 30 hours. The limits of my Lego capability are helping my kids build things using the instructions. It's always cool to me when people can Lego freestyle something that turns out this good. Have you ever built you own bit of Lego awesome?

[via PC World]