Pervs be warned EA is watching your Spore Creatures

Spore Creature Creator has caused all kinds of buzz, I haven't quite jumped on the bandwagon yet, but I imagine I'll give it a try eventually. However, those that have gotten it might want to watch themselves when it comes to all those giant penis creatures you've been creating.

Turns out EA is watching you. Yes that's right, you may get a notice after a while asking you to stop it or they will ban your account. Kristen Salvatore got one of those emails for her Boobalicious monster, which frankly isn't the most perverted of creatures I've seen.

I mean come on, boobs are PG-13, they aren't even an R rating. Personally, I think she should be free to express herself through her spore creature. Don't you know art when you see it?!

[via kotaku]