Patent leak: is this Nokia’s next iteration of their internet tablet?

James Allan Brady - Nov 23, 2007

Judging from the pictures, without being given any size numbers, it looks like it could be their next internet tablet. The patent is dated November 8th, this year, and there aren’t any details as to whether it’s a Symbian OS or Maemo based device.

It does appear to have a camera and a touch screen from the patent application, those two things alone will probably net it a spot in the N-Series of Nokia devices. Although, it looks like, if it were small enough, that Nokia might be making the next Sidekick?

Maybe they think since Motorola got a slice of that pie, they can too? But it does look a lot like the HTC TyTN II as well as the HTC Advantage too.

Is this the next Nokia Internet Tablet? [via internettablettalk]

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