Panasonic "Nano Care" webcam-styled beauty gadget only has eyes for your skin

This isn't, as you might initially think, a huge high-resolution webcam, but Panasonic's latest "Nano Care" beauty appliance.  The EH-SA42, and its EH-SA41 sibling, are intended to keep you moist during the day, preventing skin from drying out and tightening your cuticles, with the SA42 even managing to do so with no water supply.

It sounds, I know, too good to be true, but Panasonic have stepped up their game and included a steam-generator in the EH-SA41.  After all, as the poor machine-translation of Panasonic's press release says, "We are busy women the the product 'to the care and efficient' "Beauty and" meet the needs, habits and proposed a new face."  Wise words indeed.

You may be full of doubts about turning over desk real-estate to this bloated skin-savior, but Panasonic have no such qualms.  They're expecting to ship 20,000 of the EH-SA42 units per month when they launch – price to be decided – in Japan this November.