Panasonic Adds 26-inch, 32-inch Viera LCD TVs

Benjamin Nied - Jul 12, 2006

In the world of HDTV, Panasonic is looking to be king. Having just announced their massive 103-inch 1080p HDTV a few days ago, the company has just taken the wraps off their new 26-inch and 32-inch Viera LCD HDTVs, both running at 1,366 x 768 (otherwise known as 720p) resolution. The sets feature a number of Panasonic technologies, such a Active Light Control and Active Contrast/Gamma Control, allowing for better picture quality and deeper colors.

The sets also feature some other nifty little features, including HDMI (no word on whether this is version 1.3-compatible or not), 2 D4 ports (used primarily in Japan), 4 composite inputs, 3 S-Video inputs, 1 composite monitor output, an SD card slot (for what, I don’t know), and monitor voice response and optical digital voice response capabilities (wow, a TV you can talk to!). As it stands right now, both models will be out in September over in Japan, but there’s no word on when we can expect them Stateside. For those considering an import, the 26-inch Viera will run you about $1,280 and the 32-inch will cost you $2,170. Better start saving up.!


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