Palm Pre Plus & Palm Pixi Plus - Pricing Leaked

While we're learning more about the Palm Pre Plus and the Palm Pixi Plus in terms of their hardware and specs, according to an anonymous tipster at PhoneArena, Verizon's pricing for its first two WebOS smartphones has been leaked.  The Pre Plus will be purchasable for $150 (after $100 rebate, with a cellular contract) and the Pixi Plus for $100 (again probably after a rebate).

These prices sound fairly reasonable, (and equally match Sprint's pricing, but these are the faster models) but note that this information is by no means completely comfirmed.  If things go according to plan for Verizon, we'll get to know exactly how much both smartphones will cost on January 25th.

Feel free to send us any more concrete tips about the Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus pricing.  We'd love to get this rumor confirmed.