Otto is a gorgeous smart lock with an insane price tag

Brittany A. Roston - Aug 24, 2017, 6:41pm CDT
Otto is a gorgeous smart lock with an insane price tag

When it comes to updating your house with smarter functionality, you have some obvious options: app-controlled light bulbs, connected thermostats, and smart locks. Many options are available in the latter category, newest among them being Otto, a small and sleek IoT security device with a gorgeous design and a positively ridiculous price tag.

Consider how much you paid for your phone and then ask yourself whether you’re willing to pay the same — or likely more — for a smart lock. To be fair, Otto does have a lot going for it. The model boasts a small design that is capable of fitting in the same hole where the deadbolt it replaces was located. That gives it an immediate edge over giant, sometimes clunky-looking Bluetooth locks.

According to the company behind the lock, Otto is the most secure digital lock of its type that is made specifically for the ‘family experience.’ Unlike a traditional lock, you can’t pick Otto, nor can you subject it to a keypad attack. The lock also boasts ‘enhanced digital encryption,’ integrated WiFi, and high levels of durability.

The company explains that it tested the lock’s durability by creating robots that act like a ‘moody teenager,’ ones that subjected the door to a slam test totaling more than 100,000 hits with 60G of force. The lock also survived more than 250,000 locking/unlocking cycles during testing. As with other smart locks, Otto owners can grant people limited access, revoke access for users, establish entry codes, and more.

For all of this, you’ll be paying $699 USD. To be fair, the team is also offering a ‘professional concierge install’ that will involve personalized smart lock delivery, installation and setup. That’s pretty nifty if you’re scared of tools, but may not be enough to lure in those interested in having a smarter home, but not that interested. If Otto sounds like the perfect lock for your needs, you can get a model now with shipping starting later this fall.


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