Optimus Touch is an iPod Touch wannabe

James Allan Brady - Dec 11, 2007

So the Optimus Touch is nothing like the iPod Touch except for when it comes to appearances. On the outside, it looks very similar but adds several buttons, a stylus and hole for it, and a camera.

On the inside, it continues looking like the iPod Touch with the same SpringBoard style layout as the iPhone and iPod Touch with the same glass-like rounded icons. But, thankfully, that is the end of the theft, everything else is fairly unique.

This is more or less a PDA with a camera and 4GB (or 2GB) of storage that is smaller than the iPod Touch and lacks the multi-touch functionality. So if that’s the perfect description of what you have been looking for, you can get it for $109, a fair bit cheaper than the iPod Touch.

Tiny, fake iPod Touch for $109 [via CrunchGear]

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