Optimus Maximus plays with crowd in Moscow

Chris Davies - Oct 30, 2007

Whenever we or anybody else reports on developments in Art Lebedev’s Optimus Maximus camp, someone invariably pops up shouting “render!”  Well, either the Optimus guys are getting a whole lot better with their Photoshop skills, or they really did show off a working prototype of the OLED-keyed ‘board yesterday in their Moscow store.


 Optimus Maximus hands-on

Bizarrely every key was showing a dog – no breed or colour specified I’m afraid, fact-fans – but they all were functional and visitors were allowed to press them.  In the short-term it’s good to know that they’re actually making physical keyboards rather than just agonising over colour and packaging decisions, while in the long-term it shows there’s light (or 116 of them, in fact) at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

Hey, Art, fancy Fed-Ex’ing that Maximus over here for SlashGear to have a play with?

Prototype shown to the public[Optimus Maximus blog]

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