Optimus Maximus plays with crowd in Moscow

Whenever we or anybody else reports on developments in Art Lebedev's Optimus Maximus camp, someone invariably pops up shouting "render!"  Well, either the Optimus guys are getting a whole lot better with their Photoshop skills, or they really did show off a working prototype of the OLED-keyed 'board yesterday in their Moscow store.


Bizarrely every key was showing a dog – no breed or colour specified I'm afraid, fact-fans – but they all were functional and visitors were allowed to press them.  In the short-term it's good to know that they're actually making physical keyboards rather than just agonising over colour and packaging decisions, while in the long-term it shows there's light (or 116 of them, in fact) at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

Hey, Art, fancy Fed-Ex'ing that Maximus over here for SlashGear to have a play with?

Prototype shown to the public[Optimus Maximus blog]