OPPO Find X2 Pro ties with Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro for DxOMark's top score

OPPO has recently become more aggressive in demonstrating its innovation in the mobile camera arena and its hard work may finally be paying off. The OPPO Reno 10x Zoom may not have been at the top of its class but it was enough for people to take notice. The OPPO Find X2, on the other hand, just skyrocketed to the top of DxOMark's score, putting other manufacturers, especially Huawei, on notice.

DxOMark praises the phone's more balanced performance for almost any situation, thanks to excellent exposures and accurate color rendering and white balance. It noted how its testers were impressed with its autofocus system, which is after all the focus, no pun intended, of its custom Sony IMX689 "all-pixel omnidirectional" sensor in the first place. It would have definitely been embarrassing if it fared poorly in the AF aspect despite that new sensor.

Video performance also scored the highest, tying with Xiaomi's Mi 10 Pro. There were some HDR instabilities but not enough to detract from the otherwise excellent image stabilization and color rendering.

With an average score of 124, the OPPO Find X2 Pro sits at the top of the list, tied only with Xiaomi's best. While other high-end smartphones this year may make the victory short-lived, OPPO has the advantage of affordability over the Galaxy S20 Ultra and availability over the upcoming Huawei P40. OPPO and Xiaomi's rapid rise in the mobile photography scene could give bigger companies reason to be worried.

DxOMark does note that it was using firmware that isn't yet available on retail units. OPPO is slowly rolling out that update to review units so be sure to keep an eye out for our in-depth review of the OPPO Find X2, taking a closer look not just at its cameras but also at other features that could make it the premium smartphone to beat this year.