Onkyo BD-SP809 Blu-Ray Flagship Adds On-Demand Streaming, More

Onkyo knows you love a flagship, and so it's packed more than the average abilities into its new top-tier Blu-ray player, the BD-SP809. As well as playing Blu-ray – including 3D titles – DVD and CD discs, the BD-SP809 will play DivX HD, MP3 and WMA files from USB drives or, indeed, stream photo, audio and video content over a network thanks to DLNA 1.5 compliance.

There's also on-demand media streaming support, including Netflix, Blockbuster, VUDU and Film Fresh, in up to HD quality, and Onkyo has used Marvell's Qdeo processor for 1080p upscaling, deinterlacing and noise reduction. Ports include two HDMI outputs, so as to make hooking up – and flicking between – an HDTV and a projector more straightforward.

DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD, along with THX certification, round out the key specs, though as you'd probably imagine there are plenty of other ports on the back including digital and analog audio outputs.

And what would you pay for this rich, creamy, uncommonly good Blu-ray player (disclaimer: we haven't actually tried it; it could be rubbish)? Onkyo will be asking $599 when the BD-SP809 lands in August.