OnePlus phones could finally get an Always-on Display feature

OnePlus has always prided itself on its more direct connection with its customers compared to giant companies like Samsung and Apple. It claims to always consider what users ask for but one thing that those users felt has been repeatedly ignored is the request for an Always-on Display or AOD feature. At long last, OnePlus has officially put that feature on its roadmap but it might not be a done deal yet, depending on how its tests turn out.

Ever since the OnePlus 6T removed the LED notification light from the face of the phone, OnePlus users have been clamoring for the company to add an AOD feature just like other smartphone makers. After all, its phones were already using the battery-efficient AMOLED technology so the technical requirements were already present.

OnePlus, however, explained why they put that feature on the backburner even after they played around with the idea. Their tests showed that AOD would knock off one to two hours of battery life from the phone, something it prizes too much to sacrifice, and that users' habits of constantly checking their phones every 15 minutes made sure they wouldn't really miss important notifications. Plus, OxygenOS already had features that sort of tried to fill in that need, including Ambient Display and Horizon Light.

Users, however, would have none of it and took to the company's Ideas portal to show their vote for the feature. It came out as the top idea and OnePlus basically has had no choice but to give in. However, it does note that it won't be a simple matter of adding an option and they will still have to make sure it falls within the company's quality standards.

That practically means AOD may still be missing from the next OxygenOS release but, given how it has already raised users' hopes, the company might be forced to yield anyway. Phones are getting more efficient these days and batteries are also getting larger which may make OnePlus' arguments also moot at some point in the near future.