OnePlus enlists DxOMark team to make its cameras better

Some might not agree with their process or their results, but fact of the matter is that OEMs have started wearing DxOMark scores like a badge of pride. The latest unexpected winner was the HTC U11, which surprisingly bested titleholder Google Pixel. Perhaps inspired by these exploits, OnePlus set out on its own quest to improve its photography chops. But it admits it can't do so alone and needs help. And who better to do that, at least from OnePlus' eyes, than the people behind DxOMark themselves.

Despite its "Never Settle" motto, OnePlus's smartphones have never really been known for its camera. In fact, it's one of the pain points of the device, especially for those who root and install custom ROMs on their OnePlus phones. As of this writing, only the OnePlus 2 from 2015 is on the list, and at a very unflattering rank.

Naturally, details of what this partnership will entail are under wraps. DxO, while popular for its digital camera benchmarks, doesn't really have much experience in making cameras themselves. Their sole hardware to date is the DxO One. What they will most likely bring to the table is their knowledge in how a smartphone camera should perform, giving OnePlus even closer insight into DxOMark's testing procedure.

We could see the fruits of that in the OnePlus 5, which has been leaked to have a dual camera system. In light of this, it's a very ambitious leap forward for OnePlus, which will have to juggle not just a new camera type but also try to improve the quality as well. It will probably be too much to expect it to jump by leaps and bounds to the top, but OnePlus has surprised us before and could do so again.