OnePlus 8T Pro is a no-go, new Nord, OnePlus World teased

The OnePlus 8T is shaping up to be a rather interesting phone, mostly because it seems to straddle the thin line between "regular" and "Pro" flagships. Clues, some from OnePlus itself, seem to indicate that the OnePlus 8T by itself will already be very premium and that there might not be a OnePlus 8T Pro because of that. Turns out the speculation is correct but OnePlus may have other shiny new things to make up for that loss.

The OnePlus 8T has already been confirmed by the company to sport a 120 Hz display and 65W Warp Charging. Not confirmed but rumored is an upgrade to a 64MP shooter, among other things. In other words, the OnePlus 8T both matches and surpasses the OnePlus 8 Pro, leaving no room for an actual Pro this half of the year.

CEO Pete Lau has confirmed that much on Weibo, admitting that its strategy this year leaves no room for a Pro upgrade. Those who want a Pro phone could still go for the OnePlus 8 Pro but it remains to be seen how much of a difference the OnePlus 8T will have.

Those looking for an even more affordable phone, however, might also have something to look forward to soon. The OnePlus Nord Instagram account teased something #ComingSoon, which could be the company's second mid-range phone in the series. It could also be the first OnePlus Nord to hit stateside if the rumors match.

Last but not least, OnePlus is also teasing a "OnePlus World" that will be coming on Thursday, October 1st. Given that its OnePlus 8T event isn't happening until October 14, this could simply be a pre-announcement or a revelation of an online or virtual space for its actual announcement next month.