Octopus reinforces environmentalism in youngsters

This little plastic octopus is a design by Jaehyung Hong that will aid in teaching your kids two things, first don't throw your trash out on the beach, and second, recycling can be fun. The colored portion you see is really just a base, the toy isn't complete until you find 8 plastic bottles that people have littered the beach with, and screw them into the octopus.

Once you do that the octopus becomes a floating toy, and you and your offspring have just ridded the littered beaches of at least 8 pieces of potentially dangerous plastic trash. It's really kind of sad there aren't more inventions like this one.

Right now its just a design, so there is no price or availability, but it definitely looks cool. Presumably if it ever were to be manufactured it would be made from recycled plastic, just to keep the trend going.

Help An Octopus Find His Legs [via YankoDesign]