NVIDIA moving into mobile market with world’s lowest power HD computer on a chip

James Allan Brady - Feb 11, 2008

This new system has a 750MHz ARM11 processor that can run through 720p video like it was nothing. There is also an ultra-low power GeForce core in there that handles the media such as encoding and decoding the 720p video and up to 12MP pics.

There is also the capability for HDMI out and there is obviously going to be mobile 3D graphics allowing for some amazing user interfaces and 3D nav on your mobile phone. NVIDIA is hoping to take a chunk out of the Silverthorne platform that Intel is running right now.

The actual chip is called the NVIDIA APX 2500 and they have samples out right now to key manufacturers with their intentions being that they have full production in motion by the end of Q2. So, what are these UMPC manufacturers going to do when our mobile phones have faster processors and more memory and storage than what they are offering?

[Dean Takahashi via Gizmodo]

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