Numark HDMIX & ARC 3 digital DJ systems

Numark have taken the wraps off of two new digital DJ products, the HDMIX and the ARC 3.  The former is a complete DJ system in a single box, requiring only powered speakers to complete the setup; sources include an onboard DVD drive also compatible with MP3 CDs and DVDs, an internal hard-drive in a removable caddy, and connections for hooking up an iPod or a USB storage device.  Tracks can be ripped directly from CD to the hard-drive, and setup is straightforward with the full-color display and included USB keyboard.

The ARC 3, meanwhile, is a portable DJ-CD station, with a single 5-inch scratch wheel, analog and digital outputs and a CD drive compatible with MP3 CDs.  Twin loop banks are available, and pitch can be controlled ±8% and ±16% using an onboard fader.

Numark will also have a bundle based on the ARC 3, including two ARC 3s, an M1, M1USB or X1USB mixer and PHX headphones. Both the Numark HDMIX and ARC 3 should be available now; the company has not announced pricing.