Nokia won't have Windows Phone OS on handsets until at least October

One of the biggest surprises to be unveiled so far this year was the announcement by Nokia CEO Stephen Elop that Nokia would be moving from Symbian to the Windows Phone OS. Notice I didn't say Windows Phone 7. Apparently, the current Windows Phone 7 won't be used and the move to the Microsoft mobile OS will be pushed until at least October 2011 to wait for the next reports that Elop has never once said that Nokia would be using WinPo 7 and has steered clear from making that comment. This leads some to believe that the next version of the OS codenamed "Mango" may not be called Windows Phone 7. Elop would presumably know about the coming version and what it is called since he was a Microsoft exec until last fall.

What the Mango update will include is unknown, but speculation is that it might be dubbed Windows Phone 7.5. Another thing that stands out is the fact that never once did Elop or Ballmer mention Zune Music Service, which is rumored to replace the Nokia offering. We have rumors now that the Zune name will be dropped and the service rebranded. Whatever the new Mango OS is called officially, Nokia workers are far from happy about the move from Symbian.