Nokia patents dual screen clamshell phone

James Allan Brady - Nov 23, 2007

Nokia’s ugliest idea for a phone yet, it’s an egregiously mis-proportioned device featuring dual screens, one or both of them presumable being a touch screen. It looks like they took an N800, thinned it down a bit, and put a giant crease in the middle.

Dual screens aren’t new, and the only way you could get by with such an ugly design is to either make it into a gaming system (DS anyone?) or to pack this thing full of features. The LG Venus is the first phone I’ve seen that had dual screens, and I haven’t held or seen it myself, but I wasn’t too impressed by its appearance.

Nokia just needs to stop trying to make clamshells, they are good at making moderately attractive and highly functional candy bars, and that’s it. Maybe they’ll sell the patent to Nintendo so they can make a DS phone, now that would be cool, and would allow the ugly design to be overlooked.

Another day, another Nokia patent: Dual screens [via intomobile]

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