Nokia N95 lands in reviewers’ laps

Chris Davies - Mar 23, 2007

The Nokia N95 is finally shipping, and Darla Mack is doing a damned good job of making me sickeningly jealous by flaunting hers to the camera.  Actually, I’m surprised she didn’t give herself a hernia trying to carry the bloody thing; there’s a massive amount in the Nokia gift-pack.  Still, a BH-501 Bluetooth Headset, Nokia SU-8W Wireless Keyboard, 2GB MicroSD and AD-42W Audio Gateway haven’t distracted Darla from the prize itself, and I’m sure we can expect some hands-on feedback from her weekend of playing.

I’m not entirely sure if this is going to be an option for general release – which would seem a fair idea – or just a special promo pack for sainted people like Darla. 

Nokia N95

The Nokia N95 Gift Pack [Darla Mack]

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