Nokia mobile TV adapter unveiled

Nokia has announced a new gadget that is designed to let users of Nokia phones watch TV on their mobile device without needing a WiFi or data network. The fact that the new mobile TV adapter doesn't need a data network also means that there will be no charge for watching mobile content unlike streaming offerings on limited data plans.

Nokia's mobile TV device is a TV receiver add on that is called the Nokia Mobile TV Headset, DVB-H. The adapter will turn the mobile phone into a portable TV allowing the user to watch compatible TV shows and sports programs.

The headset has a built in section that has controls for media playback and the TV receiver is built-in. It works for making and receiving calls and works with the Mobile TV app that is available for compatible handsets on the Ovi Store. The Nokia Mobile TV Headset will work with the Nokia N8 and other Sumbian^3 devices. The adapter will launch in Q4 2010 and sell for €40. Nokia warns that DVB-H coverage isn't available in all areas.