Nokia CEO: Xbox Live on Nokia phones

Chris Davies - Feb 11, 2011, 4:25 am CST
Nokia CEO: Xbox Live on Nokia phones

“The game has changed from a battle of devices to a war of ecosystems” Nokia CEO Stephen Elop insists, taking the stage at the company’s press event this morning. “The entire industry is founded on optimism … and I am an optimist. Together we will deliver a great ecosystem.” The news, Elop says, will mean the availability of Bing, Xbox Live and Microsoft Office to Nokia devices.

“Microsoft will bring a great software platform and the brands consumers want, like Bing, Xbox Live and Microsoft Office. Nokia will bring our leading mobile devices. We are both bringing our unique services and devices. We will help drive the future of this platform. We will bring Windows Phone to extended price points and market segments.” Stephen Elop, CEO, Nokia

“It allows [Microsoft] to focus their investments on where they can innovate” Elop suggests. Microsoft was “clearly the internal option” he claims, rather than Android, combined with concerns whether Nokia could “quickly enough develop a third ecosystem without the support of a partner like Microsoft.”

“Developers can take skills they already have for Windows and Windows Phone platforms, and bring them to this broader number of devices. They get access to Nokia’s worldwide store and payment platform – to Nokia’s global retail scale. Together with Microsoft, we can deliver consumers iconic hardware, stellar software and unique services for smartphones.” Stephen Elop, CEO, Nokia

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