Nokia 2 V Tella on Verizon wants you to smile about something

HMD Global unleashed a flood of new devices and services last month but it's far from done yet. It has just launched a new phone but this time exclusive to just one carrier. The Nokia 2 V Tella is pretty much your stereotypical entry-level budget phone targeted at Verizon's customers. Despite the obvious traits of a low-level smartphone, the company claims that it will still give you something to smile about, whatever it might be.

It will definitely not be the specs, because these are as basic as modern Android phones can get. Running on a MediaTek Helio A22, the Nokia 2 V Tella has just enough 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage to get by. The 5.45-inch HD+ display is surrounded by thick bezels all around, making it clear it's no flagship.

It's definitely not the cameras, no matter how much HMD Global tries to sell it. The 8 megapixel sensor on the back is paired with a 2MP depth sensor and boasts of sporting autofocus. It's probably not going to take magnificent photos but it will at least be capable of Portrait modes. There's barely a mention of the front-facing camera and, considering its 5MP sensor, that might not be surprising.

Still, there are indeed some things worth smiling about on this phone, including the 3,000 mAh battery which, considering the rest of the specs, should last the advertised 2 days of use. It also comes with Android 10, which usually means Android One. Unfortunately, being a carrier-locked phone also means a bit of Verizon bloatware.

The thing HMD Global really wants you to smile about is the $168 price tag from Verizon. Curiously, the same phone is noted to be available from Walmart for $89 only, making the Verizon offer sound less interesting.