No Wii HDD For YOU!

The Nintendo Wii will not be getting a storage bump. No dice, so, if your storage space is already full, figure something else out.

I am pretty sure you can use SD cards and USB sticks for storage, so you might want to invest in some of that goodness so you have space for the new games dropping on the Wii Ware channel next year. Otherwise you'll be stuck playing them elsewhere or deleting your older downloads.

Eric Walter said storing games on your current Wii hard disk is like swapping tunes on your iPod Nano, chances are you can't fit your entire library on such a small capacity MP3 player, so you only put the ones you play all the time on there leaving some room for new ones. Actually he didn't say all that, he just said swapping games on your Wii's current hard disk is like changing tracks on your iPod Nano, but I thought I'd elaborate and explain the analogy for you.

They guy also said that the games next year won't take up too much space, wow, thanks for the confirmation that something won't take up a relative amount of space, how about a freakin' number next time. I mean, are we talking too much space in reference to the petabytes of storage that guy has access to or in reference to the storage available on a Wii?

No plans for Wii hard drive [via t3]