Nintendo Wii dropping new SKU here in the US

The SKU has been spotted, I don't think there is any other official information other than that there is a new SKU, everything else is pretty much rumor and speculation. On that note, let's start with the speculation it probably won't be a new model, just a new pack.

The rumors are that the new SKU is just for the holidays and either replaces Wii Sports with a new game or adds a new game to the package. The package might even include a Wii-mote accessory like the Wii Zapper and a game that uses it.

Further speculation puts up the possibility that it might be as simple as a color change, maybe a black one. Damn Apple all to hell for making White, and then Black the two colors release for almost everything electronic these days. Anyways, like I said, almost the whole article is pure speculation, but we will see what's true and what isn't shortly as the stores are supposed to be seeing the new pack in their hands soon.

New Nintendo Wii SKU spotted over the pond [via pocket-lint]