Nintendo Switch to get Netflix, YouTube, says Best Buy

While the Nintendo Switch is a great portable gaming console, it is by no means perfect. Among its list of flaws is the fact that it's really just that, a portable gaming console. Despite hardware and software capabilities, Nintendo has limited the Switch's feature set to that particular use case. Wouldn't it be great if the Switch could also be a great portable multimedia player? If Best Buy's accidental project listing is correct, that will be the case soon. At least if all you do is watch on Netflix and YouTube.

The Switch already supports a streaming service with Hulu coming to the console last November. There is no technical reason it couldn't support others as well. It's all down to making the right deals and signing the right contracts. Fortunately for Switch owners, that's finally happening, perhaps as early as tomorrow.

Business Insider, among other astute netizens, caught sight of an error on Best Buy's part, listing the Nintendo Switch as supporting Netflix and YouTube. Given that these two are arguably more popular than Hulu, it's more puzzling that Nintendo didn't go with them first from the beginning. But we'll take what we can, especially if the announcement will be made at Nintendo's E3 presentation tomorrow.

That probably won't be enough to satisfy the hordes of gamers who have gotten used to consoles being more than just gaming devices by now. Not to mention Internet browsing devices as well. But considering this is Nintendo, who keeps a tight lock on its platforms, that's not entirely out of character. We can only hope that the new Nintendo has a bit more sense these days.