Nintendo of America president sees Wii storage issue "mainstream" and "urgent"

We all remember the famous "geeks and otaku" comment from Nintendo regarding the types of people that wanted additional storage for the Wii. Well Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime recently shared his thoughts on the matter.

He understands that there are a vast number of users that love the downloadable content, which can easily fill up the built-in storage on the Wii. This of course makes the issue of additional storage one that should be given top priority, right? It seems that he would agree.

"So in our view this is becoming much more of a mainstream problem, which is why we have a sense of urgency to solve it." Two words really stand out there, "mainstream" and "urgency". Lets hope that this sense of urgency leads solution sometime in the near future. Preferably one that won't cost us a small fortune.

[via MTV Multiplayer]