Nintendo Keyless Entry System: video demo

If you've a spare NES controller lying around, a lust for retro-security and the ability to use a soldering iron without fusing electronic components to your hands, step on up for this Nintendo Keyless Entry System Instructable.  The inputs from the NES controller are processed by an Arduino, which decides whether or not to open the lock by virtue of its salvaged CD-ROM mechanism.

Video demo after the cut

If a wrong code is entered, an attached webcam takes a snapshot of the person trying to get in.  The lock also makes a noise.  Meanwhile, if somebody knocks on the door, a piezo element picks up the vibrations and the webcam takes another picture, this time of who wanted to see you. 

Security-wise, this probably isn't up to much, but geek-wise it's awesome.  For the next version, can I suggest a Wiimote controller and the necessity to replicate a swashbuckling scene from a classic pirate film in order to obtain entry?

[via Hackszine]