Nintendo is on fire at E3 - Announces Wii Fit

What's this? More announcements from Nintendo? Surely not! No, I assure you, it's true. Nintendo has apparently pulled out all the stops at this year's E3. Their latest product is a fitness accessory for the Wii. I'm beginning to wonder if the DS is going to get any lovin this year.

The Balance Board looks like a plain old board, or perhaps a scale, but when combined with the Wii Fit game, it can be quite useful and entertaining. I'm not one that gets into playing games strictly for fitness, but if I can play a game and it happens to be good for my health, I'm all for it.

The Wii Fit seems to be more of a fitness workout that also happens to be a game, not the other way around. It will likely provide a measure of entertainment that you wouldn't normally find down at your local gym. Look for these in the first half of 2008.

Wii Fit and Balance Board Accessory [via gizmodo]