Nintendo Holding Private 3DS Event in September, New Hardware Possible

For those of you already in possession of the now price-slashed Nintendo hand-held 3D gaming unit, you should know that even though Nintendo has apologized for the cost reduction to early adopters who'd payed more in the first place, Nintendo may indeed be taking a loss on every unit BUT they're not giving up yet! As evidenced by the flame red 3DS and the oncoming release of flagship game Star Fox 64 3D as well as what's been announced today: a trade event in September centered around the Nintendo 3DS gaming unit.

What Nintendo is planning here is a trade event scheduled for September 13th, 2011, just days before the official Tokyo Games Show. This trade show is not for the public, open instead only to investors, analysts, and journalists of all kinds. What this event will more than likely play host to is a brand new flagship game or two, a show of support for the already released 3DS hardware, or MAYBE a new device. On the other hand, there is another rumor surrounding a potential add-on to existing hardware that'd make this device much more versatile as far as joystick games go.

We're to understand that the same source which gave us all information on the Wii U two months before it was officially unveiled by Nintendo has dropped another bit of potential release information: a $10 right analog stick attachment. How this little bugger would actually attach to your existing device or how on earth you'd be able to keep it attached while you're having awesome joystick fun is not yet known.

With this second stick addition comes another rumor that a whole new gaming system will be released in the same or a similar form-factor that the 3DS has but this time with the right analog stick attached by default and either a lowered or completely axed 3D capability on both displays. Aka a 2DS, if you will. A decision to release the 3DS in an entirely new way here we've got to say might not be in Nintendo's best interests – this sort of move will almost certainly create another environment in which Nintendo would have to "apologize" for betraying those who adopted the gaming system in the first place.

What do you think? Do you have a 3DS right this minute? Would you feel betrayed by another major change in the 3DS ecosystem?

[via Geek]