Nintendo DS banned on Japanese flights

I recently flew from Indianapolis to Detroit. I'm not sure how familiar you are with the Midwest, but those two cities aren't exactly that far apart. I believe our total time in the air was around 40 minutes. GM picked up the tab, so I wasn't too worried. The most annoying thing about that trip was the fact that there were literally only about 10 minutes that I was allowed to play my DS, as you can't operate electronic devices of any kind during takeoff or landing. Wouldn't it suck if you couldn't play your DS at all on a plane?

In Japan they have turned that into a reality. A recent ban prevents any handheld games with built-in wireless functions have been completely banned from use. A recent study has concluded that such wireless devices can interfere with the instruments on aircrafts.

Those with older Gameboys and other games that lack wireless capabilities will still be allowed on the plane. Lets hope that this ban doesn't reach the US, flights would be far more boring without my trusty DS.

Video games banned on Japanese planes [via hollywoodreporter]