Nigel Sade features geek art at GenCon

One of best features about GenCon in Indy was seeing all of the cool geek art. There is a section dedicated to just artwork and one artist stood out within all the vendors.

A lone pirate amongst all the vendors was selling his art. It ranges from shrunken heads, cool designs and even superhero art. I actually bought two of his pieces myself (one of a shrunken head and another of a disfigured ballerina). One cool extra is that all of his works have meaning behind them and he either lists them on the site or if you email him he will gladly tell you.

His prices are extremely reasonable (obviously, since I bought two). They range from $30 to $65 for prints and then the originals are priced from $300 to slightly less than a grand. He has all of his works listed on his site along with the prices and a few bio details.