Newest Farmville Crop Is…Watermelon Babies?

Rue Liu - Feb 23, 2011
Newest Farmville Crop Is…Watermelon Babies?

Popular game Farmville has a new crop you can try, but its appearance can be a bit off-putting. Farmville China now has Watermelon Babies. You read that correctly. The crop looks like a regular watermelon, save for the fact that it has a pink baby-looking creature poking out the top.

Gorbie from the official Farmville forums has taken before and after pictures of the crop. When it’s ready for harvest a pink baby sprouts out the top complete with eyes, arms and mouth. When the crop dies the watermelon and baby begin looking less vibrant and both turn brown and colors fade. Then you have this brown watermelon baby monster left on your farm.

Players don’t seem to like having a dead baby on their farm and some may find it pretty upsetting. It certainly gives the game a different flavor and for anyone who’s seen the sci-fi classic Soylent Green, you’ll get a chuckle out of this. So if you get a chance to actually see a Watermelon Baby, you’ll get to scream “Soylent Green is PEOPLE!!!” to your heart’s content. I just did.

[via Games]

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