New Mass Effect DLC Introduces Batarian Race

Perhaps you've heard of this extremely lewd game that depicts hardcore sex acts between various characters. You know, the one that lets you control the person having sex, and bears all? Well, even if you haven't heard of this Mass Effect game, they're releasing a new DLC pack that will no doubt let you perform unspeakable acts with creatures of the new Batarian race.

Yea, the Mass Effect jokes are starting to get a little old, but it's still just too easy. There actually was a tidbit of fact in that last sentence, there will be a new DLC pack entitled Bring Down the Sky. It's going to be released at midnight (PST) on March 10th for 400 MS points.

You'll get about 90 minutes of gameplay which introduces an uncharted world and the Batarians. You'll have to save a world from impending doom from a mobile asteroid station. You know, routine stuff. Unfortunately for Fox, no scenes of pornographic nature have been said to be included.

[via Kotaku]