New Macs expected in October, iPad Pro enhancements in 2017

JC Torres - Aug 29, 2016, 8:47pm CDT
New Macs expected in October, iPad Pro enhancements in 2017

Apple’s fans have been bemoaning the lack of new devices from the company’s Mac portfolio but, if insider sources are to be believed, that languishing will soon come to an end. Apple’s new Macs could start hitting stores as early as October, starting with new MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros, followed by new iMacs as well as a new standalone monitor from LG. And it doesn’t stop there either, as Apple is also said to be working on software improvements that will make the Apple Pencil a lot more useful and widespread on iPad Pro apps.

The new MacBook Pro has already been leaked to death, especially the feature that is, according to sources, internally labeled as “Dynamic Function Row”, though its commercial name has yet to be revealed. This is basically a strip of touch-sensitive OLED display replacing the function keys but providing even more “buttons”, depending on the program being used. It could, for example, display browser controls when using Safari, music controls with iTunes, and the like. It isn’t known yet whether that display is actually user configurable.

The MacBook Air is also up for a refresh, but in less sensational ways. In particular, it will be getting the same USB-C port found on the new MacBook, further blurring the boundaries between the two laptop lines.

Another Mac that’s due for an upgrade is the iMac with its built-in 5K panel. Details on what the new iMacs will bring are still slim, save for one interesting tidbit. There will supposedly be models which offer a dedicated AMD graphics card inside, bringing it in line with the likes of Apple’s Mac Pro and the highest end MacBook Pro model.

Although a relatively newer device, the iPad Pro is set to get an update as well, but one that will come in two waves. First will be a software update, possibly together with but more likely after iOS 10. The software update is expected to enhance the use of the Apple Pencil by spreading its features to more apps, especially Apple-made ones like Safari and Mail. A new iPad Pro tablet is also expected to come later on, one with an odd 10.5-inch screen.

While Apple has already set a September 7th press event, that will revolve primarily around the new iPhone 7 and iOS 10. Sources claim that Apple will hold another event, probably in late September, to debut the new MacBooks. The iPad Pro updates, on the other hand, isn’t expected until 2017.

SOURCE: Blooomberg

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