New All Electric Motorcycle By Brammo

Coming straight from the folks who brought you the Ariel Atom 2 is their latest addition to the product line, the Enertia. This motorcycle is all electric, has a top speed of 50MPH, a max range of 45 miles @ 25mph and weighs a mere 275 pounds.

The bike comes in various colors, and is made to fit the greatest range of possible drivers possible. So it fits all types of riders, how does it drive though? Well luckily there is software built into it that is user configurable to allow for adjustment between and apparent inverse relationship between speed and distance. So a novice rider can get on and configure it for max distance and take it easy just getting the hang of riding. At the same time an experienced rider can configure it for top speed and make good use of the fast acceleration and respectable top speed.

Alright, so for the gearheads, some more stats, naught to 50MPH (top speed) in 6 seconds and naught to 30MPH in 3.8 seconds. Three hour recharge time from 0-100%, and a flat torque line, which means all of the torque is available from 0MPH.

The lack of a transmission makes it feasible to park the bike inside just like a regular bicycle because there is no concern for fluid leakage or emissions as there are none of either.

The boys at Brammo Motorsports have done it again, I think I want one.

Enertia Bike [via brammo]