Netgear WiFi Booster for Mobile blankets deadspots in delicious wireless

If you've ever found yourself waving your iPad around like a diminutive shield in an attempt to cling on to a WiFi connection, Netgear might have the answer. The new WiFi Booster for Mobile WN1000RP may look like your typical wall-wart, but plug it in and it'll boost an existing WiFi b/g/n connection into the dead-spots in your home or office.

You'll need a 2.4GHz network in order for it to work – those running 5GHz networks are out of luck, sadly – but if you're using WPS then connections should be basically plug & play. Slot the WN1000RP into a spare power socket, hit the WPS button to get it onto your WiFi network, and off you go. The only thing we can see that would improve it is the addition of a pass-through power socket on the front.

Netgear doesn't say exactly how much it can extend your coverage – there's no range given – and nor is it clear whether you can use multiple WN1000RP units in the same network to cover several dead-spots. Still, you do get an indication on signal strength courtesy of the flashing LEDs up front.

The Netgear WiFi Booster for Mobile WN1000RP will go on sale this Summer, priced at $39.99.