Netgear N300 DGN2200M Router with 3G backup ships

We talked a bit about the Netgear N300 wireless ADSL2+ modem router back in early January when the thing turned up during CES. That router is now shipping for people in need of a DSL modem with 3G backup to pick up. If you missed the original story, I will run down the specs for you.

The N300 is an ADSL2+ modem and router in one and has 802.11n WiFi networking that uses DSL wired connection and has a 3G modem backup with a plug in USB modem for when your DSL goes down. If your DSL is anything like mine it goes down way more than you want it to. The failover to 3G is done automatically and as soon as DSL is restored, the 3G is switched back off.

The N300 has SPI, VPN pass through, DoS protection and more. It monitors the broadband usage of the network and allows for separate guest accounts. It also supports OpenDNS filtering and security. The router is available in stores and online right now for $179.99.