Netflix will release an interactive WWE horror movie for Halloween

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has teamed up with Netflix to release an interactive horror movie based on The Undertaker, the professional name used by retired wrestler Mark Calaway. As with Bandersnatch and a handful of kids shows, Escape the Undertaker will allow viewers to decide how the movie ends.

Netflix teased the show in a post about its upcoming horror content for the Halloween holiday, noting only the title, its October 5 release date, and a few screenshots from the movie. We don't yet have a trailer for the interactive movie, which will let viewers participate in the story by choosing how the plot progresses.

Though the company didn't have anything else to say about the upcoming title, horror entertainment website Bloody Disgusting reports that Xavier Woods, Big E, and Kofi Kingston (The New Day wrestling team) will star in the movie alongside The Undertaker.

The movie will revolve around The New Day team as they become trapped in The Undertaker's mansion — one that is, it turns out, extremely haunted and "packed to the brim with supernatural challenges." Because this is an interactive movie, viewers will be tasked with choosing how the trio approach these various challenges

It's unclear at this time how many possible endings the movie will have and whether any of them will lead to the wrestling team actually escaping The Undertaker's mansion. Regardless, this will potentially be one of the most interesting horror movie titles in the genre's history due to its interactive nature.