Netflix ranked most popular but still disappoints

It seems Netflix is suffering from the same kind of problem that most huge monopolistic companies face – even though a lot of people use it, most of them aren't very satisfied with it. Compared to other streaming video services, Netflix ranks low on the customer satisfaction scale even though it is clear that a growing population of Americans have a Netflix account.

A Consumer Reports survey of 15,000 users found that 81% of those who have used a video streaming service in the last six months have used Netflix. That made it far and away the most popular service, but it was #6 when it comes to customer satisfaction. 69% of Netflix users said they were satisfied, and the others called out things like poor selection of titles and being unable to see Netflix as a viable replacement for cable.

Vudu, surprisingly, garnered a 76% satisfaction rate, giving it the top metric. Apple's iTunes was close behind at 75%, while Amazon Instant Video took a 74% satisfaction rate. Amazon Prime's video streaming option and Hulu are both satisfying 70% of their customers. While that is certainly not a happy set of numbers for Netflix, its subscription numbers don't lie so we doubt it's losing much sleep over this.

[via PC Mag]