Netflix believed to be working on 'Jericho' revival

Netflix is reportedly in discussions to bring the TV show Jericho back to life. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, then you know the reason why the CBS show Jericho was canceled in the first place. But if you suddenly got a feeling of excitement, then you're probably part of the cult following of the show, and it is that fervent passion that is inspiring Netflix to resurrect the series.

Originally aired from 2006 to 2008, Jericho focused on the story of rural families who were faced with tough struggles after the United States was the target of devastating nuclear attacks. It was never a ratings juggernaut, but it managed to secure a very loyal cult following, much in the same vein as Arrested Development. After CBS pulled the plug, those loyal fans unsuccessfully tried to campaign for CBS to reverse its decision, though that ardent support did lend itself to a comic book series being created, which continued the storyline into a third and fourth season.

It has been reported that Netflix is trying to figure out if the original TV cast members would be available for a revival of the show. Netflix has already proven that in addition to being a popular destination for video content that already exists and has been aired elsewhere, it can be its own content creator as well. The site is placing an ever increasing focus on producing its own original programming. One of the biggest success stories is the revival of Arrested Development, so it has shown that bringing back an old TV show to appeal to its fan base can work.

[via TV Guide]