Nerf Vulcan EBF-25, The World As You Know It As At An End

This Nerf gun costs $40 and has got to be the first fully automatic Nerf gun. If its not, its certainly the coolest, other than the fact it takes 6 D batteries to run it.

Although it is belt fed, and comes with a belt of 25 darts to feed through it allowing for some serious rapid fire action. It comes with a tripod for steadying your aim (more like for helping you steady those 6 D batteries) and it also comes with the Mission Kit Tactical Light.

The light can be mounted on the Tactical Rail System that is built into the gun, or you can purchase separately the night vision tactical light. The darts that come paired with the gun are the sonic micro darts, which means they whistle as they go through the air. Do I want one? Hell yes, and I'll have one if I ever see it in stores.

[via gizmodo]