Last HD-DVD release from National Geographic

Daniel Lim - Jan 30, 2008

I don’t buy whole lot of movies in Hi-Def but I’ve been stocking up most of the wildlife films if I can get my hands on, you know? since I’m a self-proclaimed bird photographer and all. But seriously, I do have plenty of them in Hi-Def, including the war between the Tsaro’s lioness and buffalo heard, the Relentless Enemies. If you are a wildlife fanatic like me, trust me, you’ll love this documentary. On the other hands, it will be the last HD-DVD title from National Geography.

National Geography has informed highdefdigest that they are done with HD-DVD, any future HD releases will be featured in Blu-Ray only. This doesn’t come as a shocker since NG is part of Warner-distributed company so I guess it shouldn’t take before BBC home video, the last Warner subsidiary to remains format neutral, heads for Blue camp as well. They have released more Hi-Def titles in nature and wildlife category more than other studios, I’m sure you heard of Planet Earth.

The oceans are getting bluer and so will the jungles, great plains and deserts in future Hi-Def.

[via highdefdigest]

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